if you’re having a bad day today, which is probably the case for some chicago peeps because we woke up to pouring rain and long commutes, take solice in the fact that a whole planet had a worse day than you did.

pluto’s always sort of stayed out of the way. never really bothered you or i. probably everyone’s favorite planet until age five or six.

and we kicked it out of the solar system.

okay, to be clear, about 15% of the 2,400 astronomers at the international astronomical union meeting voted to kick pluto to the curb:

The final voting came from about 400 to 500 of the 2,400 astronomers who were registered at the meeting of the International Astronomical in Prague. Many of the astronomers (sic) had already left, thinking there would be nothing but dry resolutions to decide in the union’s final assembly. – nytimes.com

a gathering of astronomers in prague basically just told the smallest kid on the playground to buzz off. buzz of, you’re small, you can go be with the other small things and we’re planning to teach humanity that you don’t belong with the rock we live on.

hopefully you heard ‘gathering of astronomers in prague’ and kind of laughed at how much fun they didn’t have there.

the headlines are mercilous:

Dinky Pluto Loses Its Status As PlanetWashington Post
Pluto becomes one less planet to memorizeReuters

kick a man once he’s down, like i always say.

this is kind of a big thing, because when my kids grow up i’m going to say, ‘when i was in school there were nine planets’ and my kid is going to find that amazing.

and i’m going to have to say it wasn’t my decision.

i guess we can just hope this isn’t an indication of our attitude towards intelligent life elsewhere, if and when we encounter it. seems we’re being a bit arrogant today.

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