last night The Screaming Knuckleheads* had dinner at a restaurant called state, in lincoln park down the block from depaul university.

we’ve gone there plenty, especially before they were able to acquire their liquor license.

you see, it took this place about a year or longer to get their permission to serve alcohol, and as such they simply opened up as a BYOB. it was what i’d term ‘full service BYOB’, because they’d pay special attention to your alcoholic tow, holding your beer in ice buckets, wine in champagne stands. we liked it, so we’d go for a quick dinner on weekends to chat and make plans for the evening.

which was the plan last night, as we were all headed in different directions following the dinner hour. two were headed into downtown to meet an old college buddy. kahl and i were headed up north for a birthday party at a dive bar.

dinner was relaxed, with a sweet (and cute) young server and forty flat screen tvs to keep us distracted. wine bottles were half off so we ordered the pinot noir and laughed about the sarah silverman video.

at nine o’clock sharp, about 300 college students showed up like a swarm of ants on roadkill.

and, yes, i do mean roughly 300.

we looked around in disbelief at the environmental shift, as seemingly wasted young adults stumbled around the venue and packed four-person tables with ten students and thirty mixed drinks.

our sweet little server finally explained they were offering free drinks for two hours.

which i’m not sure i was aware that bars did.

but which undoubtedly will draw a crowd in this city.

*my guy friends and i.

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