let’s assume for a second that you and three friends each put $100 into a superbowl squares pool.

each square, we’ll assume, costs $200.

you might not know exactly how squares work, in which case you’d have buckle down on the fact that for each square, you’re given two numbers. if, at any point during the game, the score of the superbowl matches the two numbers you have, you win some money.

example: you get 7-0 as your square numbers.

you win if the score is 7-0. or 17-20. or 27-20. you’ll notice that what matters is the second number in any double digit score.

everyone got it? understand? cuz in this hypothetical you’ve got a nice little bit of change on the table.

now, in this hypothetical scenario, you happen to get 7-1 and 5-5. the first number is patriots, second is giants. you put down $400 as a group, remember, and that means two squares.

now during the game, if your numbers hit you win a small payout ($150). if your score’s on the board at the end of the first quarter or the third, you win ten times that. half time; $2500.

end of the game? roughly $10K.

so you would need, and be cheering for a score that looked something like this:

pats 27-giants 21
pats 17-giants 21
pats 37-giants 31
pats x7-giants x1 (yay algebra)


pats x5-giants x5 (unlikely numbers, truth be told).

if this were the case, i would be cheering my ass off for you to win that squares pool…on the edge of my seat during every extra point and twisting in anticipation of possible scoring scenarios that would result in you receiving a payout.

i’m just saying.

i’d be rootin for ya.

i’d be rooting for the 7-1 combo, or a 5-5 combo. i really would.

if, you know, you’d done something along these lines.

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