in case you wondered, like my sweet mother did at 7am this morning (according to her voicemail)…you didn’t win a penny in that hypothetical scenario i set up for you yesterday.

exciting game though. okay…exciting for about the last ten minutes.

but right now i want to chat with you.

yeah…you…the reader.

the first thing you need to know is that i spent parts of yesterday and today organizing the Chicago Blogger Meetup on February 16th. if you’re reading this in google reader (or whatever) then you’re missing out on the graphic i’ve got over there on the right, announcing this event.

(it pisses me off that it gets cut off in all the windows browsers i’m using. looks beautiful on my mac, mr. gates.)

you can have a copy of that image for your blog if you email me.

i sent out an evite to 90% of the local bloggers i read, either because i had your email or because i’m geeky enough to track it down in one creative way or another.

(okay…most of you have it on your blogs…but some of you: NOT. EASY.)

i hope you’ll join us. credit to pbandrazz and ohhowlovely for getting these juices flowing.

the second thing you need to know is that i’m considering adding titles to my blog posts, and i want your opinion.

my feeling is it may make looking back into the archives a bit easier.

my other feeling is that no one does that anyway.

i would love to hear your thoughts (on titles or any other design aspect of the blog).

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