i have to get something off of my chest. i’m not into sufjan stevens.

i have to be straight and say i don’t know a whole lot about him, or even more straight in saying that everything i know about him i just learned skimming over the wikipedia report on him.

that being said last night i was driving home late from a double-header soccer game pondering two things. one. how did sufjan stevens sell any records? and two. how are my nuts going to feel tomorrow morning?

on the first point i’ll offer this. his music bores me. here’s a guy who wrote a full album about the state of illinois, put a song called chicago in it, and let me tell you as a result gets some major airplay on decent radio stations here…and all the while i’m sitting in the car wondering if anyone else actually sat down and listened to it? maybe his album about minnesota (yes, he’s claiming he’ll write for each state…so sit tight) will be more exciting.

as to the second ponderance i had last night…the answer is not good.

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