(35 years)

today is my parents 35th wedding anniversary!

i just called them to tell them i love them and they were walking around my mother’s old neighborhood in new york. my mom was giddy, and she told me they were sitting down for lunch at the corner store where she used to buy cigarettes.

there was a time when i wasn’t sure that this 35 year thing would be real.

that it would happen. that i’d believe in it for my mother and my father.

but there have more times that i’ve seen the immeasurable beauty in the space between my parents…the ways they’ve built a relationship through a combination of love and hard work, a shared optimism towards life, and a foundation of traditional values.

i’m sure the 7 years before i arrived were more fun than a lot of the 28 (almost 29) that i’ve been here, so i’m ecstatic the two of them took off for new york for a few days to relive those times together.

mom and dad, i love ya.

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