i’m now on the blue line, about thirty minutes closer to work and thirty minutes further away from a very crowded living situation. my new situation is far less crowded, because it’s, well, just me. and leading up to this move i was a little worried about that, until i did it and spent the first few days and nights on my own schedule completely. needless to say it’s very nice.

the reason i keep describing things in terms of the train system on this blog is because i think it’s a good general reference for people who live in chicago. and for people who don’t, no reference would really make sense anyway. except maybe wrigley field. which isn’t the center of the universe for those of us who live here.

okay. for some, wrigley is the center of the universe.
but those people are just masochistic.

chicago doesn’t really have a notorious blogger. i know there are some local bloggers who have heavy readership and really are in the center of things (things = blogosphere) but for one, i don’t know who they are, and two, it doesn’t seem like we have anything i’d compare to la, san francisco, or new york. and i’m not talking about the blogdoms like gawker, i’m talking about the people who are just blogging about life, or rather than trying to grasp readers…people who are trying to blog.

and i’m not the guy who’ll be that blogger, but i encourage more locals to get in the game and start blogging.

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