this is my second cousin patrick. he’s a little bugger of a newbie, from what i can tell, and damn if he ‘aint got a nose the size of his own fist! look at that mug!

patrick was born in paris, where my second oldest (i think) cousin jennifer and her recent husband francesco settled after bouncing all over europe for a few years. i have memories of jennifer having to move due to civil unrest, which is something i guess she can check off of her ‘do this before i die’ list. you know you have one.

i’ve been living in my new place for about two weeks now, and it is just plain better. the blue line is actually far more crowded than it legally should be, and the train stations underground are steamy and musty and uncomfortable first thing in the morning, but i like the diversity and i like the door-to-door minute count. much lower than before.

so i just hit some of those links on the sidebar to see what else people are writing about and found this, which makes me want to throw up and never look at her again. i’m serious. that just ruined my day.

although the humor in my first post about my youngest cousin containing notice of a young pop star’s privates caught on film isn’t lost on me.

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