i use a pretty comprehensive system for tracking all the things i need to get done, people i work with, and just generally where i need to be when i need to be there. it gives me a list of ‘things to do’ that’s consistently updated. if something’s on the schedule, it gets added to the list.

that list right now is 53 items long.

dave matthews put on a pretty good show. to be honest, the real stars were the three horn players who joined the dmband onstage from the parliment funk. man could they blow. i have to say dave looked happy to be in chicago, and when he called the venue the ‘world’ the crowd said ‘thank you’ because everyone still calls it the world unless you were one of the young people there and by young i mean highschool and by ‘one of’ i mean ‘one of the many’.

dave’s still got it, and his new material impressed me. but he’s also sort of jimmy buffett-ized. the crowd sings over him. the fans are all sort of cut out of the same mold. everyone is chasing their five-to-ten-years ago selves. and dave will always be a small-venue guy who hasn’t played a small venue in years.

everyone knows that the world (or first midwest bank amphitheater if you’re from planet mars) is too big and it’s too far away from anything and it has two roads each one lane wide and parking lots the size of texas and no one wants to go there unless they can have their mom drop them off. it’s no wonder that two years ago dave was in town and his tour bus emptied ‘waste’ onto a boatfull of tourists…he’s probably getting sick of being forced to set up shop at the most touristy venue in the greatest city in the country.

dave probably wants to play at martyr’s. or the park west.

while i was looking for that link i ran across news that willie nelson just got misdemeanor citations for possessing pot and mushrooms. only willie nelson gets merely cited for 1.5 pounds of weed and .2 pounds of mushrooms. the rest of us go to jail.

and only willie nelson is bringing that much weight with him on road trips at age 73. mushrooms at 73. title of his next album.

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