i should be packing but i’m blogging fo yo ass.

tomorrow i head out to california for the weekend.

everyone always gives san francisco a hard time and i will always claim chicago is the best city in this country but san francisco is up there close to the top.

maybe it’s that i went to school there so i got to do the cali thing without having to do the real life thing. when you do it that way you get to live outside reality in what many people consider a vacation spot. it’s different for the people who grew up there. it’s different for the people who have to go to work the next day.

but people like me just get to have fun, and take advantage of all the things that makes california the best state in the continental 48 plus two. beautiful people, great food, great wine, style, fame, family and more often then not a sunlit blue sky to welcome you out of your slumber every morning.

here in chicago, the best city in the country, it’s raining right now. and it’s cold for summer and cool for winter, so we’re on the cusp of 55 degrees being warm. that’s what happens around here…in the summer 55 is cold, in the winter 55 is hawaii. you can tell it’s getting to be winter because people are getting nervous about it, like they aren’t ready for sub-zero weather and they aren’t ready for snow boots and they aren’t ready to start driving like idle speed is quite alright thank you very much, honk all you want.

i love winter. i dig having to wear boots and fight the snow and get somewhere quick because it’s so damn cold. and i love to ski although you can’t really find mountains around here.

which brings me back to how great cali is when three hours in any direction could turn up some mountains, or some fresh wine, or some beach volleyball, or vegas where everything can be had in one place.

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