well i just tried to upload one of my favorite picture i’ve taken recently, and the damn computer is acting like customer service agent at t-mobile. that’ll be up some other time, because i have a flight to catch. actually more like a few lines to stand in before i catch a flight, but you get the point.

i’m headed to xtracyx’s hometown, apparently, and i find myself wondering when she lived and whether we ran into one another while i enjoyed her fine state. she’s a bit secretive though, so maybe that will have to wait as well.

xtx was picked as last year’s best female blogger by tony pierce and that makes her famous.

anyway it’s supposed to be beautiful in san francisco this weekend which is typical and word on the street is there’s a dinner and drinks get-together planned once we get outta the airport which is what i like to hear. we’ll get right to and see where we end up.

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