i live in chicago.

you all know that but thinking about where you live and where you don’t live is something that doesn’t come up often. it can come up, for instance, when you spend some time in other cities or countries, as you know i just did during my last four days in the bay area. heading out there was like returning home, in a way i never expected it would be.

yesterday i woke up at about ten am after about six hours on the couch i called home for four nights, to find an apartment full of old friends and the remnants of a long night. within the hour i was in the car rolling up and down the hills of san francisco at thirty miles and hour in seventy degree weather, with the windows down, jack johnson and the black-eyed peas blaring on the radio, licking avocado off of my elbow.

tell me that doesn’t sound like a good start to the day.

right before i left for oakland airport my alma mater scored a goal right before half to take the lead against my old rival soccer program, ucla. everything in between was just as great.

after a long security line in these days of protectionism and terror alerts, i put my belt and shoes back on next to xhibit and his entourage, who was high fiving the security guard for letting him where his diamond crusted “x” chain through the metal detector. i gotta be honest…some of the crew looked like a security threat…but i guess fame goes a long way these days.

i want to thank all the people who put us up out in cali, who got us in behind the scenes, and who joined us as we ran around the peninsula taking in people, sports, wine, and food. everywhere there were open arms and friendly faces and the trip exceeded every expectation i had for it. i know the rest of our crew agrees.

ps. you should all quit that myspace crap and start blogging. but that’s just my opinion.

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