on the first night in san francisco our kind host took us to mas sushi, a ‘place to be’ sushi joint a short walk from his apartment in the marina. “mas” was probably the word we used the most, judging by not only the plethora of food and drink on the table, but the bill at the end of the night.

we sat at a table at the center of the room, ordered up a few rounds of sake and beer, and got back into it. it was just the guys for the first night, so we could share our war stories, catch up on work histories, and, of course, be guys.

there’s a bubble we live in as guys that no female could ever truly understand, and the six of us walked around in that bubble, testing the boundaries of old friendships that have weathered the hurricane of life, the strain of distance, and the loss of daily contact.

those boundaries disappeared quickly.

our waitress helped break the ice.
half the people at the table had “known” her in college.
myself not included.

so we ordered up a round of sush’, i snapped some photos, and i listened to all the amazing things the amazing people in my life are doing before another round sush’ hit the table.

they’re starting companies building businesses shmoozing ceos and cfos brokering commercial offices making wine making love making funnies falling in love considering marriage selling real estate running governments cheering their alma maters playing in the nfl nba msl epl mlb not the nhl but all the other leagues out there hell they are even winning marathons.

they’re busy. and they’re pushing on through because life isn’t gonna win the battle or the war.

like tony pierce just said during his cross country road trip, i’m a very lucky man because of the people i know. people who do things for me and show me things in this world that make me want to show them to everyone else.

our first night in the bay area at mas sushi was just one of many times last week that i was reminded of the luck i’ve had along the way, because a guy like me could very well have ended up somewhere else or alone or stuck or lonely, or without the people i have all over this great country and world. the four days that followed mas sushiville found open doors and open arms around every corner. all access everywhere, and familiar smiles from familiar faces in a familiar place that i want go back to as soon as i can.

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