today it was about 40 degrees in chicago, and when i got home from work, i turned on the heat for the first time. chicago has a way of becoming permanently grey as the season changes, as if the sky isn’t even happy about what’s happening.

no one in chicago truly loves the harsh weather. there are those that really do appreciate the change of weather…the change of season, but no one can honestly say ‘i enjoy it when my balls hurt because they’re in my throat trying to find warmth’.

anyone who does claim to ‘love’ the weather here to me seems a little overzealous…defensive almost. cold weather is fine, warm clothes are fun sometimes. snow is even better.

but those things can come along with ski slopes. winter should be an outside season, and around here it’s a little hard to pull that off.

and it just plain gets too damn cold sometimes.

these two young women are from a warmer area, where beauty and good looks walk hand in hand along sun-bleached beaches. where winter and summer exist nearly all year ’round, both of them.

they never think they look good in pictures.
they don’t have time for your bullshit either.

so for all you married old men and single juice-up meatheads they’re bound to run in while they play around the bay, watch yourselves. stick your hands too close to cage, you will get bit.

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