it was about 80 degrees in chicago today, and now it’s pouring down rain. the city is trying to get on my bad side probably because i’ve been so big on the bay area lately. i complained that it was cold here, so it got warm. i went outside to grab some food, it started raining cats and you know what.

so i ordered chinese and thought about some other ways the city here is taking stabs at me. i don’t have a tv. so the bears are the best team in football. the city’s about to ban smoking forever everywhere indoors, and i smoke.

what the city doesn’t know is that i’d be happy to quit.

tonight i should be doing something that i’m not doing because i’m writing this and waiting for that chinese to show up. in fact, i’m doing what i do which is find everything i could possibly do before doing what i actually should be doing. having something that absolutely has to be done by a specific deadline turns me into an amazingly productive person, just to push off the inevitable moment at which i can’t procrastinate any longer and i do what needs to be done.

at least i don’t procrastinate unproductively, i guess.

america you just thought that me blogging was pretty unproductive.

so what should you be doing right now? ha. gotcha.

so now that the floors are clean and my laundry’s started and i’ve called everyone i know even some people i don’t know that well and answered emails and worked out and ordered chinese, i’ll step away from your piercing stare and get some shit done.

so should you.

ps. the chinese just showed up. if there’s a hungry family of four nearby i’d be happy to feed you.

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