hi everyone i’m sick. i think it’s actually that i’m allergic to earth right now, which is something i am sure god if there is a man upstairs decided would be one of life’s minor curveballs for the crew of overly sentient beings he created to name animals. he didn’t want things to be too easy for anyone, and since they’ve been pretty easy for me thus far i’m going to go ahead and take the allergy card i was dealt and deal with it.

my father has some of the worst allergies i’ve ever seen. he’s operating at about 55% year round. the poor guy’s constantly stuffed up, sneezing, or otherwise. and that’s during the times that he’s not actually sick, which is becoming more often as he ungracefully ages. poor guy still has dreams to running more marathons. it’s been years since his last.

so i seem to have inherited at least a seasonal bout with pollen or dust or whatever, and this is the first time i’ve acknowledged it and taken precautionary medicines.

in the wake of another school shooting, the highschool principal i spoke with today said she’d been frantically cooridinating the ensuing precautionary (there’s that word again) measures each school across the country is now required to establish to prevent further tragedy. to prepare students and faculty for any and all potentially similar situations.

isn’t it interesting that we’re such a reactionary society? not to discredit the efforts made in reaction to truly unforeseen events…i’d rather not see civil freedoms censored based on every possible and unlikely threat imaginable…we’d never leave our homes.

but this school tragedy pattern seems to stick out, as we see it happen, we see precautions taken, we see it happen again, we see higher walls being built. how do you protect a group of children from the whole human race? and for that matter, how does this apply to national security and the war overseas?

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