no one around me is blogging.

i know out there you other bloggers have a lot of friends and social circles that are doing the same thing you are online, but not me. my friends don’t blog. my cousins don’t blog. my co-workers don’t blog.

i’m obviously a little biased, but i’d love to read your blog. if you’re reading this, i want you to blog and i want you to know i wouldn’t be the only one who’d enjoy reading what you wrote.

if you don’t get the whole thing, just follow some of the links over on the right, because there you’ll find some very entertaining writers that will do a lot more for you than most of the newspapers or television shows you read and watch ever will.

this past weekend i was in the flat state of indiana at notre dame where everyone is a football fan and no one knows where anything is but the football stadium and no one knows what time it is but they know kickoff is in thirty minutes. needless to say i didn’t care where the football stadium was nor did i care that kickoff was in thirty minutes because i knew that in forty minutes notre dame would have the football game wrapped up and everyone could get on with their lives. maybe watch a football game on television featuring a team that isn’t perennially overrated.

with a lot of old mates in town for a reunion weekend, i crashed a big long day of sports, grills, golf, and plenty of drinks. after a soccer game, some football tailgating, and a truckload of burgers and beer, we got ready for a night out by walking out our host jc’s back door and onto a beautiful golf course, where we broke pretty much every unspoken rule of golf there is.

which is easy to do when you played a par four with a pitching wedge and a corona. i hit my putt from maybe ten feet using the handle of said club, pool cue style.

then came the cab rides that will go down as the most entertaining cab rides most of us have ever had. thank you to the cabbies in south bend; you are reason enough to come back into town.

after a few hours of random interactions with nd alums, a (real) pool cue sword fight, and a blurry thirty minute stretch of jumping straight up and down with twenty five other people, we found our way back in the suburbs where some of the older (and thus more mature) visitors proceeded to set things on fire.

all of this seemed within the boundaries of ‘having a good time’ while it was happening, but as i write this i have this feeling that inertia had more of hold on things than i might have known.

today i’m back at work while the rest of you enjoy columbus’ contribution to our country, which was basically a huge massacre and a holiday each year.

now that i think about it, that somehow makes me feel better about working.

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