i love to cook.

usually when someone says that you think they could be one of those obsessive food whores who use five different grocery sources, know what a reduction is, and cook more than once or twice a week. i don’t qualify.

but it’s fun and i wing it and having just moved into a place on my own i was thinking i’d make a habit of cooking and the reality is just the opposite. i’m ordering chinese italian mexican and every other immigrant culinary concoction night after night because of a few key factors.

no microwave. got one for me?
no toaster. not really a dinner problem, but man i could go for a piece of toast.
no grill. less of an issue with this crap weather, but an issue nonetheless.

and that last factor.

i get lazy.

the reason i’m talking about cooking is because last night i cooked a burrito no two burritos in the oven.

yeah, the oven.

they were frozen organic chicken and black bean burritos from trader joe’s and since we all know i don’t have a microwave, if the frozen burritos were to become edible then the oven is it.

three minutes in a microwave would have done it.
thirty five or forty minutes it took me to heat up those damn burritos, so long i almost forgot i was making dinner and just went to bed. at first i had them on a cookie sheet, and here’s my advice to the rest of you: don’t cook frozen burritos in the oven but if you do don’t put them on a cookie sheet.

you wrap those puppies up in tin foil, stick them directly onto the oven rack, and sit back and get comfortable.

take a nap maybe.

when those burritos were done i enoyed them immensely, listening to john scofield and uploading photos to picasa, which is quickly taking over my photo uploading because buzznet won’t work on any computer i try it from.

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