chicago’s finally on ice.

woke up this morning, opened up my bedroom door to a wall of hot air, having left my heat at 70 degrees and having the cold front that hit chicago turning the outside into a winter wonderland.

70 degrees is a bit girthy for the first day of winter.

turned it down and after a bit headed out into the cold amidst a brutal reminder of the way this area can bite at you unmercilously in a way that makes you think twice about calling this the best city in the us of a.

i’ll bite my toungue for now though, because every year it gets so damn cold my legs are frozen together and i get pissed about it when i should really just look on the bright side and look forward to christmas and my birthday and eatyourfaceoff/thanksgiving and quit whining about being cold.

my frustration was, i’ll admit, abated when it started snowing midmorning and the sheer novelty of changing seasons brought back the kid in myself and everyone around me, some calling for a snow angel session at lunch that everyone knew was a pipe dream because it’s snow, but it ain’t stickin.

now there’s no more snow, no trace of it on the grey hard streets of downtown chicago, where business men n women are dashing between buildings in their early-season semi-warm coats on a day that feels like january came early.

the smiles come out with the snow.
so bring it on, saint nick.

here comes rudolph, people.
brace yourself.

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