me: dude, ticketmaster sent me an email offering me free tix to see michael bolton at the chicago theatre….this is a tough one.

Kevin: Free tickets! Michael Bolton!!!??? Ohhh yeah!!

me: you should fly out just for that

Kevin: No shit – when should I come visit?
Sent at 6:50 PM on Tuesday

me: obviously for michael bolton
which is actually this saturday
i’m gonna get the tix and give em away on my blog
but you should come out later this month…i’m down with whenever

Kevin: That’s fucking histerical
hysterical (sp)?
hmmm…got me
Sent at 6:52 PM on Tuesday

me: okay, while you pick a weekend, what do you think should be the requirement for getting the free michael bolton tickets?
btw, his career must be going great if TM is handing out free tickets to his show at one of chicago’s smallest venues, five days before the show

Kevin: Yeah,,,it’s really funny though!!
I’m reading your blog

me: whoever is opening for him should be castrated

Kevin: I should open for him
I probably could
that’s the scary thing

me: that’s actually a great idea
they should actually give the free tix to people who are willing to open the show

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