you know how i said i loved cooking?

i made chipotle pepper sausage and sauteed veggies tonight SO THERE.

in chicago it only rains when you need to be outside which is somewhat amusing because this city has some major attitude sometimes. like today when i walked to work under an umbrella and my face is still getting hit by rain because somehow it’s falling sideways. meanwhile my bag is completely dry. and yes i do know how to hold an umbrella.

it wasn’t raining on the way home so i stopped in the new aldo shoe outlet at division and milwaukee because i was listening to some very comfy music by a band called brazilian girls that i heard somewhere has no girls in it. anyway i went in the store because i wanted to see 1)whether or not aldo has any cool shoes and 2) whether or not a salesperson would try to talk to me while i was obviously listening to funky music instead of caring what some shoe salesman can offer me.

the answer to both ponderances was not.

which doesn’t bode well for the store,
but it is a nod for the people working there.

the crazy thing about blogging is how impossible it is to just be yourself and have it represent who you are and what you’re about.

it can’t be you.

and no matter how honest you are it’s still just a dance, and nothing more. trueboy says it better, but what she wrote really struck me about writing this, and how people in my life react to it.

i think the internet just freaks people out.

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