on monday night pretty much everyone knows that the chicago bears defense won a football game all by themselves and quite a long time after the game had actually started.

in the rain myself and sweet girl i should be nicer to drove around division avenue looking for parking which became a problem because of all the areas along that strip that require parking permits. i had no idea the permit thing was an issue in that part of town, but it is and we were getting hungry and we were missing the start of the game.

finally we got to innjoy only to find every table claimed and the very obvious vibe that no one was leaving anytime soon. funny how a year ago the bear game wouldn’t have kept anyone in their seats and now you can’t find a table at an out of the way bar after a full day of constant rain.

so we went next door to smallbar, which for a soccer bar really doesn’t have enough tv’s and was full but not quite full and we found a table and a nice couple at the table next to us said screw our friends they’re late you can have those stools we’ll make them stand. some people are just nice and rational and principaled and sometimes you run into them when you really need a place to sit and chat and watch football.

it’s those times that you forget about too easily.

so we sat. we ordered a drink. we settled in and before we’d even ordered food watched the bears give up two pathetic touchdowns and i honestly started thinking maybe we were in store for another chicago sports meltdown. i envisioned a losing streak, all the negativity, all the excuses, and all the scapegoating. chicago is masterful at scapegoating.

dinner was good except when the waitor replaced her veggies with sweet potato fries because what girl wants fries AND texas toast to go with her fish?

the bears made it easy to have a good long conversation about life and work and friends and family because no one likes to see their team play like they just learned the game, and no one like to feel cheated by a quarterback who in midst of proving to be reliable becomes a city’s worst enemy on the marquee football stage, monday night football.

we were getting tired, and i was tired of the bears, and i knew that the small wager i’d put on the bears sunday afternoon to cover the spread as well as cover the over was one of the main reasons they were going to do neither. never bet on your team.


the only thing that’s seemed to work for me is not being witness. it worked back when the cubs made a run for the world series. i stepped out of the room every time we looked like we were going to screw it up, and we kept on rolling.

then my dad asked me to go to game seven against the marlins on a rooftop with free food and free drinks and free tickets and the biggest night for cubs baseball since 1908 and i went against my better judgement and watched one of the most devastating games i’ve seen thus far.

chicago, i’m sorry. it was a rooftop.

so when rexie went three and out with eleven minutes left i knew watching the rest of the game would result in more of the same.

so we headed out into the rain, turned on some amos lee, and i gave her a ride home.

after i dropped her at home, i turned on sportsradio.



you’re welcome chicago.

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