i hope everyone had a good time over at myspace…and if you didn’t click that link than you’re a bad reader because i don’t put links up for my own entertainment.


this thing is probably entirely for my own entertainment.

today i work up early and went into the office and the weird thing was it seemed like any other day except for the no people thing…very 28 days later. i wonder what this city would be like without all the people. yeah. boring and lonely.

okay, so did that, had my saturday morning intelligencia coffee which is wine to vinegar better than starbucks but i just can’t get it weekdays because i don’t do coffee on the train, people. i do coffee in the car, or coffee once i’m at the workplace.

now i’m going on a little adventure with the following giftcards:
lands end – $5
starbucks – $?? – prob like $3
home depot – $25
bedbathbeyond – $25
barnesandnoble – $10

the redhotchillipeppers will accompany me on this voyage. i don’t know what i’m looking for, and half those stores are either not in chicago or someplace in chicago that i don’t know about.

but i think with some creativity and effort i could make this productive.

wish me luck.

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