we’re having a contest at d-blogged, and it’s a contest inspired by another blogger that i’ll give credit to when
the panel deciding the contest
picks a winner.

the other inspiration for this contest is the fact that i found two more gift certificates today in a drawer at work and my mother’s generosity is your gain, because whoever wins this here contest will receive
from me
a gift certificate.
i haven’t decided which one yet.

i will also make you a button or sign to put on your own blog that will show everyone that you are the winner and therefore better than other bloggers.

there will be other prizes. thusfar undisclosed other prizes.

here is the contest:

which blogger has the best tattoo?

all submissions must be made to (psynorm AT gmail).

i have assembled a committee of unbiased voters to decide the finalists.

finalists will go to a vote
from readers
and other bloggers,

with the most votes deciding the winner.
the committee, of which i am a member, have laid down some ground rules:

  • the best tattoo will be the one that demonstrates thought, experience, foresight, anxiety, disquietude, and/or edginess.
  • you need to send us a snapshot of your tattoo. (if you have more than one tattoo, pick your favorite. you don’t have to include your face but if we get suspicious of anyone using someone else’s pic as their own we may ask you to have your mother confirm the location and style of your tattoo.)
  • you have to be a blogger and thus have a blog you can link to with at least three months of publishing.
  • contest submissions end on november november 7th.
  • include a brief descriptive background for the ink: why, when, what, who, where, how. if all all six are included you’re disqualified.
  • your submission may be as creative as you wish: snapshot, sketch, youtube, blogpost, etc.

    good luck and tell your friends.

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