yeah i do know that i haven’t blogged all week.

and you know what you haven’t done anything for me either. i don’t think one of you has told someone else about the tattoo contest we’re having here at d-blogged and i certainly don’t like cruising the blogosphere leaving notes about my contest because it sounds petty and self-promotional. i think blog contests are funny so i am having one and you better participate or find someone who blogs and has a tattoo and send them an email or i’ll hold out on you again.

idle threats are still threats.

halloween is a trip because everyone gets to be someone else for a day. this year, though, with halloween on a tuesday, chicago is having halloween early. i know due to insider information that san francicso is just rolling with the costumes every day until someone says no more, which could very well be a week from now. actually some people in san francicso dress up year round.

but that’s another story.

i think i’m feeling uninspired for two reasons. first you guys don’t go out there and drum up some stiff competition for our tattoo contest and second i don’t think i’ve slept in like five days. first one, your fault. second, mine.

so let’s both admit that we’re not perfect and get back to being great.

i don’t know what that means for you.

but for me it means sleeping.

i’m great at sleeping.

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