halloween goes from being a holiday all about candy and costume to a holiday about costume and parties. that’s not my own thought, with credit to someone close to me, but all the same it’s true and it makes me think that somewhere along the line we got it wrong and took our eye off the ball.

because when it was all about the candy it was a great goddamn day.


i’d to have pillowcases of candy and be damned if mine wasn’t the fullest and you bet we’d end up at home by our fireplace counting how many pieces of candy we’d convinced our neighbors we deserved and because i’m the oldest i usually won. just one of the many advantages to being older (winning).

i seem to be driving around after dark lately somewhat often, which is actually a sly thing to say because of the recent warp in time we americans find it necessary to impart on ourselves twice a year, moving an hour of daylight around like there’s nothing we can’t control.

more to the point, as i drive around i’m always wondering about the things i see.

i wonder about the people who look cold and like they aren’t headed anywhere in particular, where they’ll sleep. i wonder what’s going on in the jungle of halflit apartments and condos i cruise past, who has jobs, who might even just be waking up. i wonder about the black man in the red white and blue suit standing on the corner waiting for a bus.

i wonder if democrats will really take the senate or house back, and i wonder where it is i’m supposed to go vote if i do. i wonder where the best music in town might be at this very moment.

and as i pull off the main road a street early hoping to find parking, as an ambulence speeds by lights on horn blaring, i wonder about the people who are scared of death right now, and what they’re wondering about the world.

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