you know i was about to not blog but i knew you’d be upset.

we’re only seven or actually six days away from the conclusion of our tattoo contest, and no one has entered. that just goes to show you that you can’t hold a contest on a blog that’s only been in existence for two months, no matter how many people used to read your old blog.

but the contest is open and because it’s been thus far unparticipated i’m going to add more prizes.

which i’ll disclose some other time when i don’t want to turn on my new tv and watch a dvd and see if these new tvs are really worth ten times what we used to pay for tvs.

i also want to know
if its worth
sitting around all freaking day
waiting for its delivery.

you know if you went out tonight and got a tattoo you’d still be able to participate in this contest and you know what the committee picking finalists just called me and asked to have the contest opened to any and everyone. no blog necessary. just a tattoo.

hear that?

no blog. just a tattoo.
win yourself somethin.

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