so right now i’m in a bar called state.

story is they opened this beautiful place and then couldn’t get a liquor license. i’m telling you, it’s beautiful. it’s got one of the biggest bars areas in chicago this place could probably fit three hundred people in it and then the city just up and said i know you’re a bar but you can’t serve alcohol.

which for most people would be about the time you threw in the towel.

but these people didn’t do that.
which is very chicago.

they decided to still be a bar and still look like a bar and still have taps but have nothing flowing out of them. they hired their cooks, they said everyone bring your own alcohol and we’ll make the food and you’ll have yourself a grand ole time in what should have been a bar but now is techically just a restaurant.

the food’s good.

the bar has computers all over it and i’m blogging right now from the bar after a good, inexpensive meal and i’m drinking a miller lite that i bought down the street.

this whole thing could catch on.

the place is packed.

which reminds me; every voting member of the tattoo commission is here tonight and they’re all wondering about you and your tatto and why you haven’t sent a picture in because every day we come up with something new to give the winner. snap a pic and send it to psynorm at gmail and if it’s amazing you’ll be winning some majorly cool prizes.

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