in the new neighborhood there’s a grocery store right by my apartment.

it’s a big one, and it’s right across a parking lot from blockbuster, which is a pretty convenient setup because blockbuster is now roping their online rental program into the in store option, turning the deal into a seamless getyourmovieanytimeanywhere kinda thing.

it’s damn well time they did that.

anyway i haven’t yet been to that particular parking lot and not been asked for money.

today was of particular note because i was asked on my way in for $3.10 because of some car issue a guy was having and something about shell needing a deposit on a tool needed to correct said problem and i’m not kidding you i’ve heard that one before. i’m not saying the guy was lying for sure, but come on i mean how many people have heard the same ask for money story twice (and one that takes a good five minutes to tell)?

i gotta draw the line somewhere.

then on the way out another guy chases me down and says “i know i’m dark skinned and asking for money, but i work for streetwise and the white dude over there is making a killing…he works for streetwise too…and i know i’m dark skinned but i am a pretty nice guy, honest”.

gave the guy two bucks, and said he seemed like a nice guy.

funny how that works.

i tell you, even i couldn’t predict who’s gonna get free money from me and who’s not, but i’m always amazed at what triggers my charitable giving.

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