i know, i know.

i don’t blog enough.

but you gotta read this review of k-fed (now dubbed fed-ex as he got kicked to the curb by his trashy wife britney) and his concert in chicago. follow the link for the whole thing, but this is great:

It’s human nature to morbidly crane your neck at a car wreck. But what if you knew just where and when the wreck would take place? Would you still look?

For that matter, what if you were the driver? Would you still hit the road, or would you just stay home?

Kevin Federline was that car wreck Wednesday night, and the House of Blues the site of the disaster, with a few curious fans (many plied with free tickets) on hand to watch him suffer.

remember when i tried to get you guys tickets to the show?
i knew that was a good idea.

oh and idon’tlikeyouinthatway has k-fed’s hospitality rider posted.

scary thing is that this guy reproduced with robo-queen spears and their kid might actually grow up to be an adult with legal rights just like you and me.

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