its a frigid monday evening in the nation’s middle city and i bet you’re thinking i don’t love my blog.

but i do.

i’m just bad at prioritizing.

and writing sometimes but that’s my problem and not yours.

last week i spent two days in rural america actually rural indiana where people live very simple lives, lives very different than the ones that us young active city dwellers are living. lives very far from everything city and fast life and money and pop culture and the rest.

it was a really great trip actually. i noticed a few things about small town america.

small town america is very human and very friendly. everyone seems to be pretty chatty and a little nosey in an endearing kind of way.

fifteen miles is standard. fifteen to get lunch, fifteen to get gasoline, fifteen or more to the next town.

now don’t get the wrong idea because i’m not locked up in some high rise with servants feeding me cheerios every morning. but it’s nice sometimes to get a reminder as to the way a slower life feels. we all need it sometimes and let me tell you head to the middle of a midwest state and you’ll get just what i’m talking about.

the sweetest people in the world. one restaurant per town, one dentist per county, and plenty of scorned political views to go around.

its middle america baby and its just outside your doorstep.

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