pumpkin pie might be my favorite culinary creation.

that’s a broad claim and for a guy who likes steak and just food in general so much i may be going out on the limb by awarding pumpkin pie these honors, but i can’t think of a dish i look forward to more than the king of thanksgiving.

yes. the king of thanksgiving.

keep your turkey comments to yourself!

but for me it really comes down to anticipation. i don’t eat pumpkin pie but on thanksgiving and usually chrismas, which are close enough together for me equate the two with a thought somewhere along the lines of “it’s PUMPKIN PIE TIME!”

which is where i’m at right now.

and due to no fault of my own i tend to eat so much of the stuff during the next few holiday weeks that i’m completely sick of it by january, and thus prepared to ignore it’s existence until this time next year when i remember it exists and can’t wait to eat half a pie myself on the best thursday holiday america has to offer. which is what i always do and will do in two days.

long ago it became a given that the pie left after our family’s long and hearty thanksgiving meal was undoubtedly coming home with me, whereever that home was at the time. i expect the same will be true this week.

no other food on my typical menu really has the same sense of delight, urgency, and obesssion as pumpkin pie does.

and i’m damn well pleased to accept that truth and continue my obsessive trend.

bring on the pie, people.

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