back in cali wouldn’t you just know it.

today i ran up for about twenty minutes, and down for about a half hour and then as this city will make you do, back UP to where i’d started.

i beat out mother nature yesterday by about two hours. chicago got slammed with like 10″ of snow and now my brethren are fighting it out with schools closed and i can only imagine the traffic.

something about this area makes me blog more.

i ate breakfast at the famous mel’s diner this late morning, on my own. when was the last time you ate on your own? i mean in public, at a restaurant. it’s something you should do more because it’s relaxing. i enjoy it, and mel’s is one of the best diners i’ve been to ever. i read the paper, checked in with clients, and enjoyed the weather.

now i’m back at a friend’s with his roommate and we’re music-dueling. you may have never tried it, but basically you all get in front of your computers (everyone must have one), and take turns playing songs that “remind you” of the others in the room.

it’s a very intimate endeavor.

unless no one takes it seriously.

in which case it’s hilarious.

enjoy the snow.

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