i must say the new blogger kind of impresses me.

not that all of you would really understand that statement or much less care, but it (it being blogger of course) remembered me tonight when i logged in and when the internet becomes that easy well i’m just impressed.

sure it’s got new features and while i’m writing this i can see the picture that will post with this post which is the picture you’re looking at right…now…but in the end i’m just all geeked on things that make my life easier.

for instance i’m geeked right now because i should be in a class about one of life’s most boring subjects. i can’t tell you which subject because then you’d know (maybe) roughly what i did for a living and then my cover would be blown and you’d all want my autograph (or something).

but let me assure you.

boring doesn’t even begin.

in fact this is such a boring subject that even the people who are its experts are (i’m making an assumption here, but a decently researched one) all of “their type”. and here i’ll give you that its not archeology to demonstrate a point by saying that this crew has about as much charisma and “game” (if you will), as your local fossil hunter.

but, to my particular teachers credit, he let us out incredibly early on a night when nothing could have meant more to me.

i’m sounding like a weird combination of whiny college kid and cocky frat boy at the moment so i’ll just stop. i’m gonna go make myself an omelet.

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