so today i went to myopic books, a decently notorious used book store in wicker park that for all its hype is actually a bit expensive for a store selling almost entirely used fare. this was after a great brunch at earwax cafe which i just learned is also a movie rental place…the basement chocked full of dvd boxes velcro-ed to the walls and organized according to director. every been to a movie store organized entirely by their creators? rather than by completely nonsensical or at least non-helpful categorizations like horror, drama, special interest?

what could be more nondescriptive when it comes to the visual arts than drama and special interest?

immediately i was pretty impressed.

not only because i was being introduced to these director’s collections, thus lending credit to movies i hadn’t seen that had been put out by people responsible for movies i love, but just due to the bravado inherent in putting together a rental joint and ignoring the alphabet.

but back to myopic books, where i was reminded of the tragic fact that a) i don’t own a single dictionary, encyclopedia, or reference book of any kind and b) i wish i was a better writer.

rather than delve too deeply into that second point, i’ll just say that as to the first, i think that a reference book or two should be within reach at all times, and i find i’m not comfortable (for some reason) that i’ve always felt that the internet was that resource for me, tried and true.

then i saw all these old rusty dictionaries and books of the world and instructive literary texts and they seemed far more tangible than google or yahoo.

so yeah i bought a mexican cookbook because of a picture within featuring chicken and bay leaves, two tom robbins books, and called it a day.

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