(a bad karma update)

i’m a pretty emotionally centered guy, and have the enviable ability to take a deep breath in the face of really bad experiences…but the last 48 hours have pushed that lack of a temper/bad attitude to the absolute limit.

  • contrary to a previous post, my neck pain progressively got worse yesterday, pretty much with every swallow. i was contemplating the easiest way to find a decent ENT doctor on my way to a 9:30pm soccer game last night when,
  • my car broke down.
  • having left my broken down car on the north side with a coolant leak last night, i trekked up there this morning (a huge thank you to courtney for the ride) to try and idle it to a mechanic just a mile away who specializes in audis when,
  • the car literally and completely died in the middle of the addison and western intersection, during the lunch rush hour,
  • in 95 degree heat with swarming humidity,
  • with 90 minutes for me to get a tow truck to drag the piece of shit six more blocks, chalk up $75 cash to pay him, explain the car’s condition to the mechanic, and make my ENT doctor’s appointment
  • at rush hospital, completely on the other side of chicago, where
  • the ENT doc told me i’d fractured a bone in my neck,
  • and to take a bunch of advil and let him know if it got any worse.

yeah, i’ll have a scotch, please, straight up.


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