(a crush?!??!!!???OMG.)

two years ago i wrote one of my favorite things i’ve ever written:

yesterday i woke up at about ten am after about six hours on the couch i called home for four nights, to find an apartment full of old friends and the remnants of a long night. within the hour i was in the car rolling up and down the hills of san francisco at thirty miles and hour in seventy degree weather, with the windows down, jack johnson and the black-eyed peas blaring on the radio, licking avocado off of my elbow.

that was a time when i was back and forth from california like the true jetsetter that i am. that was a time when i had a major crush on a girl who hadn’t yet moved out of her parents house.

that was a time when mortgage wasn’t a bad word and people were still focused on hating bush. i knew far less chicago bloggers, and no west coast bloggers.

this month, i’ve been to new york once, and i’m headed back in three weeks.*

i might have a crush who might read this blog.*

she doesn’t live with her parents.

they don’t give out mortgages anymore, and politicians are using a crisis to showboat, when they should be giving bernake and paulson more money than they’re asking for. people still hate bush, but they hate your candidate more.

and i love all ya’ll bloggers.

damn times have(n’t) changed.

*update: i didn’t realize this read like my crush was in new york. i have a crush, but it’s got nothing to do with new york (sorry, new yorkers!). she’s not in new york. new york is me attending family weddings. i had to point that out so i don’t feel creepy at my cousin’s wedding in three weeks.

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