(a really fun wedding)

on friday afternoon one of my oldest and dearest girlfriends got married.

steph and i have a long history that includes a hilarious childhood relationship, plenty of soccer, and fun all over the country. the girl’s energy and confidence are unparalled, and since our entire relationship (at about age 14 or so) consisted of notes passed before and after school* i’d have to tip my hat to her ability to hold down a guy like me with a pen and paper.

the guy she’s married, on the other hand, is way cooler than i am, and not just in the way that makes him a perfect companion to a woman who wanted her first dance at her own wedding to include a lap dance for her husband**.

further evidence of his inherent awesomeness include his british accent and the video he made for steph, which his best man shared with the entire wedding.

and which i’ll obviously share here. check out this duffle bag of kickass:

there are ways to show someone you love them, people, and that right there is one of them.

as i’m sure you can imagine, the wedding’s antics extended well beyond the kickoff lapdance.

a truly amazing couple, who i’m sad to see move to manila later this summer, but whom i will always consider family.

congratulations, steph and doddy!

*no joke, the entire relationship happened in writing, and we didn’t even go to the same school so a friend from her school but my schoolbus facilitated our entire relationship by acting as our note carrier. on days during which he was sick or stayed late after school our relationship was put on hold.
**which i videotaped OF COURSE. stay tuned.

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