(about wilco)

i had an interesting discussion at lunch today with my co-worker, timmy the rat*, regarding the recent lollapalooza lineup announcement.

in chicago this event is anticipated much like the pope’s appearances in rome, if chicago had a gigantic church of rock music and lin brehmer** ascended onto its front balcony for one morning each spring wearing white robes, holding a staff, and slowly announced to screaming onlookers the headliners and supporting acts for our biggest summer music event.

after trying to guestimate the number of people who will show up to see radiohead play (100,000 at least, yes?) we started talking about wilco, the local superstars who recently sold out a five-night homestand at the riviera theater.

timmy the rat mentioned reading some snarky speculation as to who might play across from wilco on the other stage(s), bringing up memories of complaints about my morning jacket and modest mouse playing at the same time in 2007.

“it wouldn’t matter who played during wilco, chicagoans would inevitably be pissed,” i said.

“the whole city would have to shut down to avoid any controversy. and radiohead would have to open for them,” he joked.

it’s an interesting phenomenon, though; band devotees.

wilco’s not the only band with such a passionate following, at all, but in chicago they top a short list of acts with such notoriety.

i continued, “i’m totally generalizing, but wilco fans have a bit of a scorned character to their collective. i mean, not only are they local, and not only are they accessible and talented, but they have this history of being dropped by their record label in a very public conflict, only to rise up with a hugely anticipated and critically-acclaimed album that in turn put a spotlight on chicago. their local fans feel this affinity to them that’s kind of defensive

we were in our elevator now.

as the doors opened to our floor, i added, “as a sidenote, i’m fully convinced that the best possible career move jeff tweedy could make right would be to kill himself.”

now before you get your underwear in a bunch, i like wilco. i bought yankee hotel foxtrot after i downloaded it because i wanted to compensate the band for such a great album…something i consciously do when i’m overly impressed. this post is all in good fun.

*who comments here as TivoRules, which is a completely accurate depiction of how much he loves Tivo and how often he tells me how great Tivo is.

**wow, the dj’s at XRT deserve an entire post dedicated to, um, what they actually look like.

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