An Amazing Race

It’s really not often that you get to watch the world watch your friends do incredible stuff.

Last night, a friend of mine, Tammy Jih, who’s dating an even better friend of mine, won The Amazing Race and won it in a come from behind final leg in Hawaii.  Her and her brother won a million dollars and quite a bit of public awareness.

I don’t watch reality television.  I really don’t.


Obviously, that all changed with this season of a race around the world, in which my Sunday evenings were spent worrying about Roadblocks and U-Turns and pulling for the Jih’s to get to the final leg.

Then, they got themselves into the final and it all seemed too surreal.  The fact that someone I knew might win a huge cash prize and a 40,000 mile race just seemed crazy.  The fact that during episodes early in the race she was able to recount her experiences and answer our questions and talk about the other contestants as friends or foes but NOT give away the race’s result is astounding.

The show revealed Tammy and Victor to be determined and smart, but considerate and honest.  I think the best thing about watching them win was watching them portrayed as good people.  We all know that television will pigeon-hole people, and I think the two of them managed to compete without stepping on their competition.  It’s just so cool.  All of it.

It’s just so, so cool.

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