(announcing [twenty-nine])

check out the first mixtape.

and email me if you’re interested in getting the monthly email!

[twenty-nine: 3:55am]

as you may or may not have heard, i’ve decided to start a little music project called twenty-nine.

the project will entail a mixtape each month of music that’s got my ear. that makes it an unoriginal project, no doubt, but i get asked about the music i’m listening to a lot, and i wanted something tangible to represent that notion. i think looking back on previous mixes will be fun too.

i won’t be emailing any files. i will send a link to you when each mixtape is up.

at that link you will find a downloadable compressed file with the entire album (cd cover included!) in mp3 format. i’m also going to do my best to find a good way to let you preview the whole thing online without downloading the file. at the very least i’ll provide links to each artist’s website.

in return i’ll kindly ask that you spread the word and have any interested parties join the list by you or them providing me with their email…this kind of thing is more fun with more people. i’d also very much appreciate feedback and future song suggestions!

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