everyone knows i’ve missed chalise. that’s her on the left of the pic, with our friend zoey, dancing (as usual).

so everyone probably understands how excited i was to get this text on wednesday:

cha: I love you so much! Be home Friday at midnight. Nightcap?!

she’s back from st. martin, back from her six week adventure, back in our neighborhood fuck i get my best girl back!

the fact that it’s koitz’s birthday isn’t lost on me here either…the world makes a little sense sometimes.

combine all this with the fact that some of chicago’s best bloggers are getting together tomorrow evening, and i’ve got myself a pretty damn great weekend ahead.

but you know what?

you know what i’ve got in store for you?

i’ve got a major announcement for you.

an announcement i’ll make on monday.

the same day we honor our past presidents because we’re not sure if the current one’s worth honoring.

the same day most of you don’t have to get up early and go work for someone else.

the same day you get to work for yourselves.

on monday,
after i’ve met a bunch of wonderful bloggers
and i’ve tackled chalise
and thanked her for not staying in the carribbean,

i will let you guys in on a little okay big thing that i’ve kept from you months and months and months.


be excited.

and for god’s sake it’s friday…go kiss someone.

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