(ask for madness)

i’m headed to california today, and finally this trip is purely to spend time with a big group of the wonderful people i write about here often; the people i called my college friends.  the people who always make me question the fact that i live in chicago.

tomorrow and this weekend we’ve got quite a crowd in the bay area from southern cali, new york, chicago (guess who), and one little koitzy who just moved to san francisco, well…yesterday.  a big phat unofficial reunion, and right smack in the middle of march madness opening weekend.

we’ve got at least a million plans.

no really, a million plans would invariably take until well into our later lives; calm yourself.

but we have like ten plans, and they’re all totally inconsequential because the crowd could literally sleep on doorsteps and walk in circles all weekend it. would. be. so. fun.

in the meantime, i may have a hot and sexy guest blogger (i can’t make promises) and i’d like you to do me a favor.

ask me anything.

what’d you want to know about me that you don’t?

what’d you want to know about life or love, but don’t?

i’ll answer questions left in the comments over the weekend or at the very least the second i get back.

the weekend updates will be all over twitter too, so go ahead and follow.

below is an example of asking me a question, if you have trouble with that sort of thing:

So, here’s a thought:

It’s becoming pretty clear what kinds of sounds, rhythms, productions, etc catch your ear, but what about lyrics?  you obviously have an appreciation of the english language, you know, being a blogger and i’ve seen your bookshelves… so does that cross over into what you listen to also, or do words take backseat to other factors in your music?


i’m a big fan of lyrics, but i’m not religious about them. obviously. the songs i’ve included ( in [twenty-nine])have been largely about sound and not lyrics, and i think that’s because i went overboard as a youngin’ on the lyrics kick – i’d transcribe every rap song i heard, i knew every barenaked ladies song by heart, i knew vanilla ice, i knew guns n roses, i knew brooks and dunn and on and on. i think it wore me out, so i’m not investigative about it anymore.

here’s another thing: i’ve come to highly appreciate skilled musicians; great drummers, guitarists, multi-instrumental talents. i think that competes with my lyrical attention.

so there you have it:)

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