Author: dshan

Today We Celebrate Our Women

You’re introduced to two gorgeous Irish firestarters who are cutting the world up into their own collage, in ways that make so much sense to you that you just can’t help but smile. Two young women carrying around a lot of what makes you you, but all the pieces are weighted differently, and these women seem to totally rock in all the ways you would love to rock but don’t.

Unsocial Cultivation

Cultivation. That’s what’s missing. Facebook. Twitter. Right now everyone is clamoring over the battle today’s major technology companies seem to be fighting over tomorrow’s trends. It’s funny too, because none…

A Moment With Ryan & Harlan

They exuded danger and rough and a little crazy. I couldn’t get past that they were sitting in front of a liquor store up at 30th and Fraser, one of them strumming a guitar, at 8pm on a Sunday night in Vancouver.

If you were looking to make money by begging in front of a business establishment, you wouldn’t choose a liquor store in my neighborhood on a Sunday night.