(baseball and crack)

chicagoans have spent most of this morning and early afternoon clamoring for cubs tickets, which went on sale at 10am this morning.

this annual event is probably the world’s best example of an internet clusterfuck.*

chicago business screeches to a halt and every man, woman, child, and puppy sits on the internet hitting refresh and emailing each other about how many windows they have open at once and what technique just GOT THEM IN OH MY GOD I HAVE FOUR TICKETS TO THE WHITE SOX SERIES blah blah blah.

somehow the ticket brokers always seem to skip the virtual waiting room, which is a concept i’m not sure i ever envisioned the internet to include.

a waiting room?


i gave it a five minute try and then i promptly gave up, secure in the assumption that the odds of me wasting my morning trying to get baseball tickets were far less than the odds of the cubs actually having a decent season before i’m using a walker to get to the cafeteria of whatever retirement home my ungrateful children stick me in.

i jest.

my children will be wonderful.

instead i got distracted by StumbleUpon, a digital tool that until now was (and still now is, sorta) confusing to me.

the concept of falling around the internet drunk wasn’t lost on me (having surfed the internet drunk many times already), but how it worked, why it worked, and what it meant were all really murky concepts to me.

but now…



get over there and sign up. especially if you’re friends with me.

TSK band members in particular. bloggers in particular.

befriend me.

i still don’t completely understand it all, but it’s basically a big orgy of website sharing…with the funniest or weirdest rising to the top. it’s crazy new websites and youtube videos without all the not-funny and not-interesting stuff in between.

it’s like the top-watched videos on youtube ON CRACK.

*although it sounds like lyndsay lohan’s nude pictures on the new yorker mag site caused quite a stir earlier this week.

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