(blog day 2008)

a fellow chicago blogger jenn, from freeandflawed and my favorite geeky chic blog must love geek, just mentioned me as one of her favorite blogs in honor of Blog Day 2008.

what’s Blog Day?

it’s a blog holiday.

more specifically it’s a day where us bloggers take a moment to point out a few other bloggers that we think you readers (and in a lot of cases, fellow bloggers) may not be aware of. it’s a way for us to point out corners of the internet that we dig and think you might dig too.

a question i ask some of my friends every once in a while is “what music are you really into lately?

this is a day to ask yourself “what blogs am i really into lately?

here’s the deal:
1) Find 5 new Blogs that you find interesting
2) Notify the 5 bloggers that you are recommending them as part of BlogDay 2008
3) Write a short description of the Blogs and place a link to the recommended Blogs
4) Post the BlogDay Post (today, August 31st)
5) Add the BlogDay tag using this link and add the link to the Blog Day website.

there you have it.

and here are my five nuggets of awesome:

shallow and very, very single: i’ve given her props before, but d in san francisco is a bay area hottie who has a far more interesting love life than i do, and who’s self-depreciating wit is unparalled.

brand trueboy: i’ve been reading TRUE for years and years, and i’m not sure it’s a blog many of you know of. for a long time, TRUE wrote her blog as three different fake people. it was brilliant and confusing and abstract. she’s since reformatted, but her skill with prose and poetry are truly inspired. she’s working on a novel that i’m eagerly anticipating.

gapingvoid: okay, nothing ingenius about this pick, but hugh mcleod is what i’d call an Original Gangster in the blog world…an early heavy-hitter. i check in on him for his completely awesome cartoons first and foremost, but all in all the guy is just interesting. his life is interesting and his constant pondering on topics ranging from marketing to brands to the internet are all very compelling too.

the sartorialist: here’s a unique blog written by scott shuman, an indiana native who’s passion for style is infectious. he combs the streets of new york, paris, and milan with his camera photographing normal people in creative outfits, often adding insightful, simple commentary. it’s a perfect addition to your reader because it’s really just pictures, but you’ll quickly notice his skill at finding strangers and snapping shots that capture their persona brilliantly.

raymi the minx: another blog i think almost everyone’s heard of, but she’s worth a mention if you haven’t. another Original Gangster, she’s basically the biggest rockstar in the blogosphere. her stream of consciousness prose, reminiscant of kerouac (to whom she’s related, i believe), and her rabid following make her nothing short of a spectacle. not a safe read on the work computer, raymi is like nothing else you’ll find online.


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