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you didn’t think you’d get through this week without one or two reminders of the Chicago Blogger Meetup this saturday, right?

when i graduated from arguably the most tech-conscious university in the world back in 2002, i had never met anyone that i’d already gotten to know (in any capacity) online.

we didn’t have facebook.

we didn’t have myspace.

and we weren’t blogging yet.

google was still a private company and the googleplex didn’t exist.

okay, i’d used craigslist in college to acquire furniture, and thus met a few people who were strangers to me, but it doesn’t really count when your making financial transactions. that’s no different than the girl behind the checkout at ikea, really.

now’s a different story.

now i’ve met lots of people that i’d only previously known online, and nearly every one of them has turned out to be great.

and every time i’ve gotten together with someone like that, it’s been a good time…fun, friendly, and filled with ‘reunion’-ish overtones…you meet someone you know for the first time.

sure, it can be a little weird at first.

but only as weird as you let it be, and that really only lasts a minute or two.

which make saturday’s get-together exciting…

…because of all the ways i’ve met people from the internet (and no, i’ve never met anyone through a dating site), meeting bloggers is by far the most fun.

they’re the most fun.

they’re the one’s that actually know something about you.

read your diary.

invest time into learning about your life and your experiences.

leave funny comments and react to your stories in their own blog posts.

and they’re the ones

that will be writing about

meeting you

sometime during the following week.

so if you’re thinking twice about coming to The Waterhouse on saturday, i highly recommend you come and join us.

have a cocktail.

meet some local bloggers.

oh, and did i mention that i’ve got a surprise in store?

i don’t think i had!

ps. that is a ‘normal’ picture of alexis, who was nice enough to do an interview for me posted here & here.

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