(bloggers eat pizza and drink beer)

the best part about blogging is the bloggers.

every time i get to spend time with a group of bloggers i realize how people who write on a consistent basis make great conversation. make great context.

maybe it’s the need for something to happen or the energy that sharing your deepest thoughts creates or maybe the freedom of a group of semi-strangers provides you but these things always end up chock full of ridiculous laughter and openness and staying out longer than you typically would on a monday night.

last night was no different, as a pizza dinner at giordano’s on lake street lead to a few hours at the elephant and castle pub, which has always served phenomenal guinness.

andy (at dinner), pete (at the bar), dan and myself (at both) were the fortunate minority to a plethora of lovely ladies: jenn, joy, erin, rachel, jamie, bayjb, the maiden metallurgist, and of course lacey, who was in from new york city (da bronx!).

it pays to be a male blogger, fellas.

not the bills, of course, but really.

so a big thank you to jenn for organizing, to lacey for being our excuse to congregate, and a big welcome to the maiden, who’s just moved to chicago.

ya’ll are fun.

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