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Ode To A Community

Click the link to check out my video blog for 20SB’s Vlog Day, which was a chance for everyone involved in the blogger community to explain the impact the group has had on them.

Swap Swap

Hi! My name is Alana and I write over at The Good Girl Gone Blog. I’m so excited to be over here at Derek’s blog today! To be quite honest, I don’t actually read any boy-blogger blogs, so I was a little nervous when I received Derek as my 20SB swap partner. Fortunately, he’s a sweetheart, and I’m now feeling confident about guest posting on a non-pink blog.


Bloggers are an incredibly fun group of people. When I have a second to clear my head and digest all the fascinating and fun people I met this…

What The Who

I’ve reached the point at which I just am the internet. I’m at the tail end of eight months of planning a blogger meetup in Chicago, most of…

You Know Things

I had an interesting conversation this weekend with someone who didn’t know that I blog.* I also had an interesting conversation with someone who didn’t know that I…