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An Awful Sunny Drive Back

A year and a half earlier I’d been in the same spot and driven home with this little thing of a puppy who I picked over his sister because he’d been so confident about climbing down a step. He’d been the size of my forearm then. He barely fit in the passenger seat right now.

An Awful Sunny Drive

It was incessantly sunny.

The kind of sunny you sort of can’t wrap your head around because it’s the weekend and late morning and you’re admittedly a little groggy still and it’s just so, so bright out. It was dark sunglasses sunny.

Return To Chicago

The mountains and the lake and the cabin life was really great; I forget every year how relaxing a world can be without technology moving it along at it’s hefty clip. We have a family golf tournament early in the week on one of the world’s most beat up golf courses on earth and the golf carts are probably the most advanced technology in the whole town. I think the local library just operates on your word that you’ll return their books.


super things about raising a puppy? you cook food and someone’s more interested in the results than you are. you’re outside the apartment and you hear the little…


this is branner’s new cousin, buster. buster lives in north carolina with my cousin lauren and her awesome husband, but i can already tell branner and buster are…